Aerobie Aeropress with Tote Bag


comes with the chamber and plunger,

a scoop for coffee,

a paddle for stirring


filter holder

a funnel

Nylon totebag

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The revolutionary Aerobie Aeropress!

Its too-simple design sometimes makes it a bit difficult to see why it is such a great brewing device but once you’ve seen it in action all that simplicity will just come naturally and make it easy to see why the Aeropress has developed a cult-like following. Brewing with the Aeropress is easy whether you are brewing in the comfort of your own home or in the great outdoors. Easy and fast are the hallmarks that are associated with brewing with the Aeropress. As an added bonus, clean-up is also very easy and fast!

Consistently brewing the best cups every time is done through its two simple parts, a chamber where you place the filter and the grounds, and a plunger. Working essentially like an espresso machine where hot water is pushed through the coffee grounds and then through a filter to keep out the grounds creates an espresso strength concentration of coffee.

Quick Instructions:

Measure coffee, grind, add to the chamber, add water, steep, plunge!

Each set comes with the chamber and plunger, a scoop for coffee, a paddle for stirring the coffee and water, a pack of filters with its own holder and a funnel that helps you put the coffee grounds in the chamber

there are a surprising number of variations on the basic brewing method — there’s even an Aeropress world championship dedicated to fine-tuning the best methods.

So to summarize why buy an Aeropress, it brews a perfect cup every time, clean-up takes seconds, endless variations on method and technique plus there are a lot of optional accessories for it.

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Aeropress with totebag

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