Behmor 1600 Home Coffee Roaster



Now in the Philippines! available for delivery within Metro Manila and Nationwide!

The Behmor 1600 Plus is an easy to use, home/DIY roasting machine that has smoke suppression technology and can roast a batch size of up to a pound at a time. It’s an affordable drum roaster that uses pre-programmed roast profiles but can be used manually, giving the user control over temperature and drum speed.

Batch Size Up to 16 oz (460 grams), yielding 13.6 oz (386 grams) of roasted coffee
Control Keypad with 4 pre-programmed roast times and 5 power level profiles
Roast Time 8-25 min. Varies by weight
Heating Source Halogen heating elements
Dimensions 12.5 x 17.5 x 10.5
Volts/Watts 220v
Weight 25 pounds
Pros Can roast up to a full pound. Quiet, easy to hear the cracks. Easy to use and clean. Durable. Economical way to get started drum roasting.

6 months service warranty against factory defects, Machine to be repaired must be brought to warehouse. Additional charges for parts, if parts are available charges may be waived (only for valid warranty claims).


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Dimensions 52 × 44 × 35 cm


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