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The Espro Travel Press is for people who love coffee and want to take it with them anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you want to take it along with your commute in Manila or to bring it out of town to La Union your travel press will surely be a great companion. 

French Press Style on the go

The Espro press’ patented filter system has two filters, each approximately 9-12 times finer than a common French Press. This allows for better filtering of the grinds by filter twice, making sure that you get the flavor and not grit. 

Pour-over style on the move

For an even finer filtered coffee, the press comes with paper filters that go in between the press filters. This will absorb the coffee oils and remove more solids for a pour-over like cup of coffee.

Insulated mug

Best of all, the double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel material keeps your coffee hot for about 4-6 hours. Its filtration stops extraction as soon as the press is pushed down, which means your coffee will taste perfect when you want it!


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