Iwaki Cold Drip


The Iwaki comes with

the glass collection carafe,

the section for your coffee with a filter,

the top plastic water reservoir,

and the two-piece lid.


Iwaki Water Drip Coffee Maker 

The Iwaki is a simple cold drip brewer, it is an excellent starter cold drip coffee maker that’s easy and simple to use.

With most cold brew towers, there is a matter of setting the rate of water drip, with the Iwaki, it is preset to drip at a fixed rate and this offers a level of consistency that cannot be replicated by other tweakable drippers. In the box, you’ll find a simple set of parts, the glass carafe, the filter and holder for your ground coffee, the top water reservoir, and the two-piece lid that doubles as the lid for the carafe for when you are done brewing.

The only way you can control the drip rate is by playing around with the coffee grind size. A coarser grind will allow the water to seep through more quickly than a finer grind.

an excellent introduction to cold drip at home and a low-risk purchase, and

The Iwaki water drip coffee maker is a great buy, and its low price point mitigates the lack of drip rate settings.


For the full in-depth review with instruction, you may follow the link below