Kalita Wave Series Stainless Steel Kettle


Kalita Wave 1L Stainless Steel Kettle

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A proper cup of manual brewed coffee has a lot of things going into it, more so than just fresh ground coffee. There’s flow control and flow rate which are vital to the brewing process. Being able to control these things will mean the difference in your cup being over-extracted or under-extracted for that matter and for the reason of precise manual pour-over brewing, the Kalita Wave kettle was designed and made available to you.

The kettle has a generous 1 liter capacity and the heavy-gauge stainless steel material used in its construction is compatible with gas, electric, and induction cooking surfaces. The tapered or “swan neck” design allows for maximum water pour control while minimizing the “siphon effect” that produces unwanted speed of water pouring out of the spout while the narrow spout and pinched lip gives you precise and unparalleled directional control.

Kalita Wave kettle comes with a carved wood handle and lid-topper which makes it comfortable to hold and protects the user from the heat of the kettle water. They are also removable for easier and faster dishwashing.


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