Kinu M47 Phoenix


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Kinu M47 Phoenix Coffee and Espresso Hand Grinder


The M47 Phoenix is made of steel and ABS plastic, with a silicone band for grip. The burrs, bearings, axle, grind adjustment and handle arm are all steel, as well as the cylinder for the grinder body. are Components made of ABS plastic are the grinds catch, handle pommel, and internal bearing mounts.

Available in the Philippines through Coffeenow, shipping nationwide online shopping. Awesome Coffee Gear for your home.

Featuring Kinu’s 47 mm Black Fusion burrs, the conical burr set, and precision grind adjustment, with dual bearings to center and stabilize the grind system. Each click on the adjustment wheel corresponds to a movement of 0.01 mm in the burrs, the steps are more than fine enough to allowing proper dialing in for espresso.

The Capacity of 40-50 grams in the hopper comfortably handles just about any brewing needs

Please refer to the User Manual for use and care instructions.

Kinu Phoenix Philippines, Manila, Cebu, Davao, catering to the quest for the best extraction of coffee which unlocks flavors and aromas of specialty coffee for the Filipino consumer.




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