Kono Meimon 2 person Dripper


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Take your coffee drinking experience to a higher level with a classic Japanese Kono coffee dripper.

This coffee drip set offers you the full flavor of filtered drip coffee with the convenience of a paper filter. Designed by the second president of the Kono Coffee Siphon Company after years of development, the distinctive conical shape of the design ensures that water is evenly distributed through the filter and drips at a constant speed. The slots in the lower half of the cone provide a tighter fit for the filter, which reduces sediment, improves airflow and ultimately produces a richer and more flavorful coffee. With a little patience and practice, you will quickly master the skills necessary to fill your kitchen with the rich and comforting aroma of filtered coffee.

The Kono brand is favored by home brewers and professional baristas throughout Japan. The kit includes a custom designed filter paper sample that recreates the shape of the cone dropper, allowing the coffee to drip through a single center point. Used in combination with the dropper, the resulting coffee is perfection!

Perfect for those who start with filtered coffee.