Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT-741


Thermal Carafe

10 cup brewing

Automatic drip stop

Automatic shut-off

Consistent Brewing temperature


92 – 96 C



Moccamasters, which is handmade from the Netherlands, brews 10, 4 oz, cups in 6 minutes and is the only coffeemaker with a copper heating element.

The shower arm disperses the water onto the coffee with multiple holes for an even distribution of water onto the coffee.

with an Auto shut-off feature that turns off the machine after 2 hours. A security feature that is highly recommended.

There is an automatic drip stop that automatically closes when the carafe is taken out which is also a convenient feature for when handling the spent grounds.

The KGBT 741 with the “T” standing for thermal stainless steel thermal pot which keeps your brewed coffee hot for a long time is one of the best carafes in the market.

Plugs into a 220v socket

Comes with a 5 year warranty manufacturers warranty for home use

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Silver, White


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